5 Fashion Faux Pas that Many People Make. Do You?

Posted by Hemant Khatri on

There are 5 major fashion faux pas that many people make. Let’s see if you’ve made any of these embarrassing mistakes…

1. Too-Small Clothing There is nothing more embarrassing than wearing a dress that is two sizes too small and having it ride up or rip in public. Likewise, if you are constantly pulling at a tight top to get it to cover your belly, it’s time to shop a size up. If your skin looks like it is being wrapped tightly like a sausage, or if it is spilling out over the waist of your pants, it’s time to look for clothing that is slightly bigger. Tight bandage dresses do not work for the majority of people, and neither does clothing made of spandex. If you go out and can see parts of your body poking out of your clothing in a way that is less than streamlined, don’t reach for Spandex. Know that your clothing is too small. Not everyone is a size 0, and wearing your proper clothing size will look infinitely better in the long run than trying to squeeze into the jeans you wore in your teens.

2. Ill-Fitting Shoes If your heel is slipping down into your favorite pair of pumps making it impossible to walk, your shoes are the wrong size. If your toes are hanging over the edge of your sandals, they are too small. This is a fashion faux pas many people make because they do not take the time to have their shoes properly fitted. If your shoes seemed to fit with socks, but now you want to wear them barefoot and noticed they don’t fit as nicely, you can invest in gel insoles to keep your feet intact and comfortable. Don’t fall victim to this fashion faux pas because not only is it unsightly, it can also be dangerous if you slip and fall because your shoes would not stay on.

3. Visible Panty Lines Often discretely referred to as “VPL,” this is one of the biggest fashion faux pas. Panty lines essentially show the world what kind of underwear you have on beneath your pants or dress, and not everyone needs to know that. VPL can often be fixed by selecting clothing that is not skin tight, or by purchasing underwear that does not create a visible line. Be careful, though, of another fashion faux pas known as “whale tail,” where the back of thong underwear is exposed out of the top of jeans. This look was big for a minute amongst celebrities like Paris Hilton, but it is neither classy nor fashionable. Keep your underwear discretely under your clothing, not out and about for the world to see.

4. Sundresses and UGG Boots This “trend” began sometime in the late 2007s when UGG boots became all the rage. Women were wearing their UGGs with virtually any outfit imaginable for reasons of comfort and, probably, laziness. This is one of the biggest fashion faux pas in modern fashion because it is mixing seasons within one outfit. You wouldn’t wear ski boots, short shorts and a tank top, so why wear winter UGG boots with a short dress meant for spring and summer seasons? This look also creates the illusion of short, stumpy legs, no matter how tall you are. Avoid this fashion faux pas by pairing your sundresses with sandals and ballet flats and keeping your UGGS with your jeans and winter sweaters.

5. Cargo Pants Unless you are doing some hiking or exploring in a remote location where you need to be hands free, there is no reason to wear baggy cargo pants with 20 different pockets. The pants are flattering on virtually no one, and they become a fashion faux pas when people think it is acceptable to treat them like jeans and pair them with any old top or shoes. Cargo pants add a good amount of nonexistent weight to your hips, thighs and legs and always appear sloppy. If you feel that this isn’t one of the biggest fashion faux pas and enjoy the many pockets cargo pants have to offer, look for a fitted, skinny style in colors like black or gray instead of olive green, camo or khaki. If you are an aspiring fashionista, or if you just want to dress well-avoiding these fashion faux pas will go a long way toward your goal! fashion , mistakes , trendy