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5 Great Ways To Boost Your Blogs SEO

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SEO contains two parts; first one is site optimization which integrates keywords that are founded easily online. This helps your website a lot in gaining higher ranks but it is directly proportional to the value of your keywords on internet, means how competitive they are in terms of Search Engine Optimization. By this you can also achieve first page ranking. In the second part of Search Engine Optimization, you can easily get first page ranking by OFF PAGE OPTIMIZATION. This OFF PAGE OPTIMIZATION includes increasing links for your website. This can be done by searching each link (either old or new) and analyze that the link is a vote of confidence for your site or not. You can determine this by getting listed on some directories, exchanging links with some other websites, making submission of articles to some article directories. All this seems little tedious and they are time consuming too. This is a tough work for the owners of small business who have to do this tough job themselves instead of paying some bucks to others. From below data you can learn the benefits of adding blog to your website. Insert another link: While adding a new link to your blog you can get a benefit of unique link for your website. Adding posts depends on your skills. You can post for your blog according to your requirement. Means if you want to increase you link count immediately then you has to do countless posts but if you want a slow increment then you can do posting frequently. Adding new pages: It is obvious that if you will add new blog post then it will increase a page of your website. More the pages of your website more are the authority. This helps the search engine to give the priority to your blog. Adding more tags and keywords: When you are adding new posts on your blog then it means you are also adding more keywords and tags to your post and it is also a part of your site. This provides you the opportunity to connect the keywords with other pages of your site and this is referred as in linking. In total this provides SEO boost for your website. Automatic SEO: Pages of blogs are optimized automatically with the help of a well known platform “WORDPRESS”. In short this is another way of attracting lots of traffic. Drive Back links: A buzz is created when we publish blog on social networking site and social bookmarking site. So you can take the benefit of these for creaking huge backings for your website. The sum total of all this says that it is a big deal when you think about search engine optimization. Here simply adding the sites to your blog will create huge benefit for your sites. You don’t need to make huge posts just make informative, valuable simple posts for your website.

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