7 Ways to Build your ‘Dream Wardrobe’ for Less

Posted by Hemant Khatri on

One of the common mistakes that fashionistas make is to not shop with their pockets in mind. Let us tell you – there is absolutely no relation between shopping pricey and looking trendy! Trendy clothes are not necessarily tagged with an exuberant price and if you know the right way to shop, you will realize how easy on your pocket fashion shopping can actually be.

Shop at Chain Stores

Nope, they no longer carry hideous clothes. Chain stores have come a long way and are some of the best places to shop for affordable fashion. Every new trend, key colors, handbag and shoe styles is quick to surface on the racks of large chain stores. They have expert merchandise buyers working for them and most of them have in-house brands that design and manufacture the trendiest outfits for you to shop for less.

Choose Your Brands

We all love brands, but yearning for only the premium brands will only make you a disappointed person (or broke, if you go ahead and make purchases on your credit card). Brands like Mango, Zara and H&M give you the same look and style as more expensive brands and are pocket-friendly too. In the end, what matters is how you carry the dress and we can do that better than the chick with all the money in the world to splurge on her wardrobe.

Shop Online

Offline stores cannot match up to the deals and discounts you can find online. Subscribe to your favorite stores and brands to get their special offers by email. Shopping experts like Rang’s Look curate the best of online deals and bring to you fashion merchandise sans the expensive markup you will find offline.

Rang’s Look is a one stop destination for fashion deals and discount codes

You can find the best of fashion deals at one place classified by ‘Monthly Specials’, Juniors, Plus Sizes, Wedding, Sports, Home, Men’s fashion etc. You can log on to their website at https://www.rangoutlet.com/ to get special VIP codes, coupons and deals.

Shop Sales

Be on lookout for sales and stock up on basics. While you might want to wait for fresh stocks to arrive to buy the latest trends, classics are the best way to balance a fashionable look. Look for basic shapes, colors and fabrics to compliment your outfits the next season and buy them on discount. You can never have too many white shirts or denim shorts.

Sign up for Private Sales

Brand lovers can sign up for private sales websites like Gilt and My Habit. They bring to you the world of brands at unbelievable discounts. All you need to do is sign up with them and you are entered into their VIP club. They also host a number of giveaways and free shipping specials. And almost all of them give you bonus shopping points for referring friends!

Swap with Bloggers

A new way to build fashionable outfits is to barter or shop from Fashion Bloggers who put up their barely used or new wardrobes up for sale. If you subscribe to fashion blogs, you will know what we are talking about. A little search will connect you to the right blogs where passionate fashion bloggers auction their possessions.

Giveaways and Contests

Other than the above, always keep an eye on the promotions and giveaways by online websites. Most of them require as little as signing up or spreading the word about their website on your social profiles. It is a great way to get a new bag free of cost.