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8 Signs of A Troubled Relationship

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1) Go with your instincts: You may have shared a good chemistry with your boyfriend but lately find that love and attraction is fading away. Discuss it with him; find out what is not going right. It is best to identify and clarify expectations.

2) Indifference can act as slow poison to your relationship. If you don’t find your guy interested in you anymore, making excuses to go out or watches television instead of a romantic meal at home, then your radar should be blinking. 3) When your partner makes excuses to be intimate and ignores your flirtatious behavior, it is clear that he is not interested in this relationship. 4) Abusive relationship should not be tolerated. Walk out the instant he raises his hands toward you. A man, who doesn’t respect you, definitely doesn’t deserve you. 5) When frequent simple arguments become full blown fights for no apparent reason, note that he is finding a way out of this relationship. He will blame you as being hot headed with an attitude problem when he decides to walk out. 6) The man who used to surprise you with sweet phone calls or stopped by after work suddenly decides to put you on mute mode. Then you know that something is wrong. Being busy at work is understandable but avoiding calls or catching up on weekends is surely his way of brushing you off. 7) Some partners are very controlling. They always want things their way and if it isn’t then they sulk or show a strong dislike. If everything has to revolve around what he or she wants then you are stuck with a very self–centered partner. Think again, if you will be happy with such a person. 

8 ) The age old way of getting rid of a partner is by constantly finding faults and criticizing them. Never let such people get to you or break your self confidence. Reason with them but if it still doesn’t work, it is time you move on to a person who appreciates the way you are.

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