Activities For Children

Posted by Hemant Khatri on

I know how stressful being a parent can be – one of the greatest joys of my life was becoming a parent some of the greatest stresses in my life was “being a parent”.

It doesn't matter if you are a full time stay at home mom or a mother that has a full time career. The stresses can be overwhelming and often time we feel like we don't have the time to indulge, YOU HAVE TO MAKE THE TIME!

A parent who does not take the time to de-stress is a parent who will become short tempered with her children and/or spouse. This is not the place you want to be if you want to enjoy the fruits of raising confident, stables children and enjoy you marriage long after the last child leaves the nest for college.

When you are overstressed you will often times feel undervalued and overworked. Leaving tempers flaring – and we end up being destructive with the people we value the most. You may be thinking “she is being dramatic!” Honestly think about the last time you were so tired you yelled at the children or had a fight with you partner??

How did it make you feel, even worse?

How did the children feel??

It is important to understand we as women are usually the super moms who try and do everything for our husbands and children but what about us?

You may be thinking that this sounds selfish – but trust me, it isn't. Even if you just take 1 hour a week to do something that will leave you feeling rested – and re-invigorated you will not believe the difference!

Think about what you enjoy – what make you as an individual feel peaceful and serene? On the other hand, perhaps you want to have a little excitement the fun has gone missing since you have so much responsibility...

Depending on your personality and personal preferences you have so many things you can incorporate into your weekly routine.

Some Great Idea's:

  • Think about taking a bath with candles and soft music – ask your spouse to please take the kids out for an ice cream or to play with them and give you 30 minutes to just sit and enjoy the peace - and serenity. Your favorite candle the warm water w/bath beads – the music – mediate or take yourself to a place that will refresh and re-energize you. NO demands...
  • You and a friend go out to a movie that isn't rated G! Re-connect with a valued friend enjoy dinner or lunch.. Take a few hours just to chat be frivolous and carefree...
  • Take a creative writing class from a community college “adult education courses” are often very inexpensive and worth scraping together the price of admission...
  • Take a yoga class or meditation class – it is awesome.

There are so many ideas - let your imagination be your guide. We will be adding a lot of material concerning topics such as this to our resource section - so visit often!!