All About Hello Kitty

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Hello Kitty is a character developed in the 70’s by Sanrio and has exploded into a cultural phenomenon with fans across the world. Let’s take a look at Hello Kitty in depth and the reasons why she is so popular.Hello Kitty can be found in home products, fashion, beauty products, baby clothes and furniture and just about anything else you can think of. 

Hello Kitty was designed in 1974 by Yuki Shimizu for Sanrio. She is depicted as a cat with a bobtail cat. However, according to experts she’s actually not a feline but a little girl. It’s fair to say that her appearance may be inspired by cats and that she is “cat-like” but  she’s actually a British girl named Kitty White with a twin sister named Mimmy.

Over the years various Hello Kitty items have become prized collector’s items and selling on Ebay many times worth their retail value. Some limited items are only released in Japan, sell out fast and not available at any U.S retail stores. Examples of these include the Hello Kitty Chucky Mashup doll and the current Hello Kitty Loves Fauchon Collection.

It’s not just kids and teens that you think would be obsessed. Women are buying accessories like Hello Kitty wallets and purses and droves. The Loungefly Hello Kitty handbag collection has been a massive hit and flying off the shelves. According to We Love Kitty, a Hello Kitty fan site, Sanrio has so many collaborations that it’s hard to keep track.

Sanrio even had a collaboration with designer and reality tv star Kimora Lee Simmons in order to create fine Hello Kitty jewelry featuring real gold and diamond pieces. Other recent popular collaborations include a very popular one with designer Jujube, known for their high quality diaper bags. The Hello Kitty diaper bags feature colorful and fun bright patterns you wouldn’t expect adults to embrace.

Hello Kitty is popular with many American and European collector but she’s super popular overseas. Beijing even has a restaurant named Hello Kitty Dreams located in a shopping mall in Sanlitun which has become a popular spot for wedding proposals.

So what makes Hello Kitty so popular? Many women grew up with Hello Kitty as an icon during their childhood giving these items a nostalgic and special aura. Hello Kitty reminds us of a more carefree and stress free time. Another interesting fact about Hello Kitty is that she doesn’t have a mouth; she’s expressionless. As a result we can project our own feelings on her since it isn’t clear if she’s happy or sad.

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