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Are You Marrying For The Wrong Reasons Find Out If You Are Mentally Ready For Marriage

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We all dream to live happily ever after with our spouse once married. But soon after the knot is tied, we realize that this was not what you had in mind. Why does this happen? Here are some factors you should consider and decide if the man/woman is perfectly suited for you.

1) Expectation To Change: People never change. If you think your husband or wife will change after marriage then you are dreaming. If you cannot see yourself happy with the person now, then avoid the matrimony. This is biggest mistake most couples do, assuming that their partner will turn into a person they are not just to please him/her.

2) A Spark That Fizzles Out: Dreamers feel that the initial chemistry is what forms the bases of a marriage. But it doesn’t take long for that spark to fizzle out. A character of an individual plays a vital role in determining the longevity of a fulfilled relationship. Marriage requires a partner who is humble, emotionally stable and most importantly a responsible person.

3) Emotional Needs: This is mostly a point where couples squabble. Women like to feel special by their men while men have different agendas. The couple should sit down and settle their emotional needs once and for all.

4) Commonness Binds A Couple: Partners may have different career paths but they should both have common goals and values in life. They should see life with a common ideology.

5) Intimacy First: Many feel that physical intimacy is the most important factor so they test it out with sex. This causes the relationship more harm than good. They fail to explore other layers of the relationship. Everything else is sidelined because of intimacy.

6) Deep Connection: Deeper connection with a partner happens with the thorough understanding of the partner. Qualities like creativity, loyalty and determination all lead to the enhancement of the emotional bonding.

7) Masking The Real You: This is very common and we are all guilty of doing it. Hiding the real person that you are from others cannot go on for too long if you are looking for a commitment. If you feel the real you will not be acceptable to him, then turn around and walk away.

8) Open Up And Communicate: There are problems in relationships all the time. The only way to resolve it is to speak out. You have to open up and bring out everything and clarify. Pent up feelings burst one day and then it becomes ugly. So whenever there is a problem, resolve it amicably and come to a common ground.

9) Just For The Sake Of It: This is the worst thing that many people do today especially women. They get older and are lonely and single. All their friends are married and enjoying motherhood. Out of despair, women marry the first guy that comes along. Such hasty and unplanned life only creates more problems.

10) Emotional Dependence: Many times it is seen that a spouse is emotionally dependent on others. It could be parents, friends or even an ex. Such a person may not be available from the emotional perspective.

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