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Bindi – A little about the round dot

Bindi  A little about the round dot

Bindi – A little about the round dot

Faces of women all over the country, whether they are from the North or South, East or Western part of India, are all embellished with the round dot, we know as the bindi, between their eyebrows. The bindi has been a form of adornment for Indian women since ancient times.

The bindi marks the sixth chakra, called the Agna, as per the Hindu religion. The region between the eyebrows is said to be overflowing with wisdom and the bindi is used to mark that region. The region in and by itself is known as the “bindu.” It is the area where one gathers all their experience in absolute concentration.

Traditionally the bindi is a red or maroon round dot. Conventionally a pinch of vermillion powder is used to make the bindi between the eyebrows using one’s finger. While some say that the color red is a symbol of strength, others claim it to be the color of love for the bindi is also a mark for the married Indian woman.

Over the years, the bindi along with its use has become modernized. The bindi is no longer only worn by married women or women following the Hindu religion. Self-adhesive bindis flood the market in different shapes, sizes and colors.

The manner of wearing the bindi differs from state to state in the country. In Bengal, a large, round and red bindi is worn while in Maharashtra, a crescent shaped bindi is worn with a small black dot underneath it, while in south India, women like to wear their bindis in a smaller shape, red in color, with some white tilak on top.

Fashion today is rather unexpected. Its a mix match from all over the world. The bindi is not worn by women of Asian origins anymore, so don’t be surprised if you catch your hipster friend spotting a bindi with her Bob Marley shirt!

Image Courtesy: Indian Express

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