Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert win the trophy CMA Awards

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Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert had never hoped to win the trophy for male vocalist and female at the CMA Awards this year. they confessed to reporters backstage.

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This is the second year in a row the couple, who married in May, claiming the award.

“years ago, when it occurs, which is in my mind, that I have an idea maybe I’ll win it, because I’ve done this for so long and the industry might feel a little sorry for me! “Shelton said with a laugh.” And maybe I got the underdog vote. But this year, I do not think I could get away with it. That means a lot to me because for the first time I feel safe in the country music industry as fickle as the industry.

Lambert notes, “I was very surprised to be honest, I’m humbled. I’m having a great year last year. When my birthday, I won three CMAS on that day. So I’m just here to be here and be part of it. But I really expect the others will be take this home this year”.

Asked about his choice beverage when the awards show after-party, Shelton replied, “I’ve been a little bit. I think the drink of choice would be the first thing people are going to offer it to me when I walked in. I’m excited. I know now I look a little low-key, and it’s because I’m numb right now. ”

Lambert noted the whole year has been a little fuzzy for her.

“I have so much to be thankful for,” she said. “I’ve had been so much that happening, that I did not even remember right now Because its crazy and hectic. Releasing the album on the heels of the big tour is exhausting.

“This is the most powerful way to end it all. I’m going to sit around at Christmas and Google myself because I do not know what I have done!. I’m very grateful, and I’m trying to get better idea of living in the moment cause at this time, each time and moment is so great right now I. trying to absorb it all and stay humble and keep moving forward.”

During her acceptance speech at the show, Lambert told Shelton that they would celebrate that night – and the camera cut to Shelton grinned and rubbed his hands like a child excited.

“I have no idea what I said, but everyone thinks Blake is getting lucky,” Lambert said to the press room, causing a round of laughter. “I did not prepare anything, I was really surprised.”

Sure, Shelton get the biggest laugh that night at backstage. Hold the pointy high esteem, he told reporters, “I can tell you all that when I wake up in the morning, it’s going to look like this trophy is under my sheets. And it’s not going to be. That’s how happy I am about winning this thing. The feeling is not go away for a long time.”