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I spent most of my weekend computer time just around with my blog template, adding a Netflix plugin’ and wishing there was something similar for GameFly (or heck, that game fly had an RSS feed for my queue).

Then I’d add a “Now Playing” thingies on the sidebar and begin to seriously consider moving to a three-column template, since the sidebars seem to be getting a lot more attention than, you know, the content here.

So I’m currently playing Prince of Persia: the Two thrones and Shadow of the Colossus (along with some Kingdom Hearts, just ’cause I bought that with the PS4).

But actually, I haven’t really played much of Shadow’, and I’m thinking for $20 I might as well click the KEEP IT button on Prince of Persia so they can get started on sending the next game in the queue. It’s not like I’m going to finish the thing any time soon anyway.

‘Not knockings’ Shadow of the Colossus, mind…it’s just that I’m old and I can’t get the hang of switching control schemes from one game to another real quick-like. I need to pretty much just play one game at a time or else I get all confused and such. Yeah, game, I didn’t want to gently drop down to the ledge below, I wanted to back-flip off into the bottomless pit. I meant to do that. THANKS.

But otherwise, POP does an excellent job of making you look like a gaming god. Playing it, most of the time I’m thinking, “Damn, I am good.” SoC, on the other hand, leaves me thinking that I’m hurting my horse.

Since I waited about 6 years to buy a PS4 (sort of), now there’s just all these tons of games for me to catch-up on. It’s like when I finally bought a DVD player and signed-up for Netflix: I got the eight-DVD’s-at-a-time option ’cause I had about 30 years worth of “talkies” to catch-up on… now I’m down to three at a time, watching 2-disc documentaries about Bob Dylan, ferchrissake (which, by the way, is excellent). So you have that to look forward to - blog updates talking about games that everyone else played 5 years ago. It’s like I’m a mac gamer.

Well actually I didn’t wait six years to buy a PS4. I bought one back in the olden days, when they were new. Since I was pretty much working all the time anyway, I took it to my girlfriends house so her kids could play it. Then we broke up, since I was pretty much working all the time, and it was the sort of break-up that makes a person say, “It ain't worth a PS4 to see you again even for the amount of time it would take to pick-up my PS4.”

So that’s where that PS4 lives now.

It’s ok, though. Now I have one of the cool new sleek little PS4’s and a lot more games to play.

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