Blow Dry Your Hair Like A Pro Every Single Time

Posted by Hemant Khatri on

We all love how perfectly smooth and shiny our hair looks after a professional blowout at the salon but it can be challenging to replicate similar results when styling our own hair at home. Here are a few tips from Best Beauty Ratings to help you achieve the perfect blowout at home every single time.

Hair Drying 101

The key to a salon style blowout is to separate your hair into small sections prior to blow drying. Pin the sections that you’re not working on away from your face. Working on one section at a time ensures that all areas are dried evenly.

Always use the concentrator attachment when blow drying for more precise airflow and smoother locks. Use a round brush to pull tautly on the hair as you follow with the dryer making sure not to get too close in order to prevent heat damage. Use the cool shot button once you’re finished styling a section in order to lock in your style.

The key to achieving smooth locks is to keep drying until a section is 100% dry before moving. Often times what happens is that we’ll stop drying before the hair is completely dry which leads to frizzy damp hair that won’t hold a style. Not cute.

Turn Up The Heat

It’s imperative to use a blow dryer with adequate heat if you want to straighten hair that is thick, curly or difficult to style. We recommend picking a hair dryer with at least 1800 watts of power. If you’re looking a mid-priced dryer check out the Babyliss Pro 2800 Super Turbo (BAP2800) which an output of 2000 watts.  This appliance utilizes ceramic technology along with negative ions in order to dry hair rapidly while leaving it shiny and lustrous.


Blast At The Roots For Volume

Is your hair lacking body? Aim the nozzle of the dryer at the roots while drying in order to create voluminous Victoria’s Secret bombshell hair. For an extra added boost of volume use a dryer that is not ionic or turn off the ion setting on your dryer (if it has one). Negative ions are great for smoothing out hair but they can make flat hair appear even flatter. Follow up with a bit of texturizing spray when you’re finished styling your hair for finishing touch.

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