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Bugatti EB 16,4 Veyron Pur Sang

Most powerful element of auto market in series model, Bugatti Veryon came with a new thing at Frankfurt. It is Pur Sang, a limited edition, special of the fastest car in world.
With the new launched model, Bugatti EB 16,4 Veryon Pur Sang, company continues it’s tradition that produced great T57 SC Atlantic and the success version, T41 Royale. This times Buggati gets in front as in the past by combining the art, design and technology. This implementation can be seen in the new EB 16,4 Veryon Pur Sang, product of Bugatti, in which his founders, Ettore Bugatti and his son, Jean, bought the car on the highest level concerning technology and design. Exterior color surprises all around.
Construction idea of EB 16,4 Veryon Pur Sang has the origins in Bugatti factory from Molsheim. The result is a study in which carbon and aluminum blend with a color made from two tones, because of this paint was not used. “It is interesting how quality materials succeed to underline more clear cars extremities. Ingredients: power with comfort, technical structure and body made from organic parts, light and dark colors. If we look closer the details, we realize the presence of technical principles behind the amazing design. The body of the car hosts the most important components: W16 engine, passenger compartment and suspension. Usage of aluminum in marking cars lines creates a perfect state of equilibrium around. Polished like mirrors, this curve shapes realize an reflection effect of light that can be found only at Veryon”, told Anscheidt.
All those said, the 1888 kg car weights offers a power of 1000 hp. This means that we have a hp ratio for kg of 1,88, number that allows to place on the highest level of supercars which passed 400 km/h.

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