Caring for Your Luxury Apparel

Posted by Hemant Khatri on

Caring for your luxury apparel is as important as buying them – even more so, as a matter of fact. The following are favorite tips for caring for your clothes the correct way.


Buy the Right Type of Garments

That’s where it all begins. When shopping for clothes, do pay attention to the ease of storing it. Decide before buying whether you will be able to store your clothes in the space that you have at home. Do not buy clothes with complicated cuts and creases that will be difficult to maintain.

Wooden Hangers

Do not stack your clothes one on top of the other. Use hangers to maintain their form. As any boutique-owner or fashion designer will tell you, wooden hangers are better for your hanging your clothes than plastic. Moreover, they look much nicer and give an extra dimension to your wardrobe. It is always to use the same hangers all over your closet – both for aesthetics and functionality. There are regular wooden hangers and those with clips and ones specially created for hanging trousers.

And keep in mind to never place soiled to sweat soaked clothes inside the closet. Always put them on a hanger and air them out first, or if necessary, clean them.


Take care not to dress immediately after spraying on a deodorant or antiperspirant. Let them dry out first or they will damage your expensive clothes.

Similarly. after dressing, do not use perfumes on your clothes. They will stain and discolor the fabric, embroidery and embellishments, if any.

When Washing and Drying

First off, do not wash clean clothes that don’t really need cleaning. If you wash your clothes in the washing machine, be careful not to use the highest spin speed.

When drying clothes, it is best to air dry them on hangers instead of in the dryer. If you dry your clothes in the garden do not expose to direct or prolonged sunlight.

And finally, do not iron stained clothes as the stains might settle permanently!

Incorporating these little details into your clothes storage habits will ensure your clothes stay in great condition for a longer time.