Complementing custom tailored clothes with jewellery

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We all want to look our best, well the vast majority of us do, and in order to do so many of us look at custom tailored clothing, as what could possibly fit better, and therefore look better, than clothing that’s been custom tailored to one’s own measurements? But custom tailored clothing isn’t enough on its own, it requires something else to help set the wearer apart from everyone else, and that’s where jewels come in, not any old jewels, but jewels that have been intricately crafted from fine materials such as diamonds and emeralds, as well as gold, either white or yellow.

Everyone’s best friend

Although diamonds have long been touted as being a girl’s best friend, it should be pointed out that many men also wear diamonds, perhaps a diamond cross, diamond cufflinks or a diamond ring, so they should more accurately be described as everyone’s best friend, though women perhaps lust after them more so than their male counterparts. When it comes to making a favourable impression, as all men will seek to do at least once in their life, some men more than once, nothing makes a proposal for marriage more difficult to refuse than diamond engagement rings set in either white or yellow gold. There are a wide range of diamond rings to choose from prior to asking a special lady for her hand in marriage, but before taking a look at the range online, ascertain her preference with regard to white or yellow gold, as this generally makes the process of selecting a ring much easier.

Necklaces can also be difficult to select as gifts, and they can be difficult to select when shopping for oneself too, moreover when shopping for a necklace as a gift it’s also advisable to determine the recipient’s preference with regard to white or yellow gold. Hear shaped pendants featuring liberal sprinklings of diamonds have been popular ever since Audrey Hepburn wowed the world in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and quite likely well before that, furthermore there’s a breathtaking range of these exquisite items to select from, especially when shopping online. A heart shape necklace could feature a single diamond set in either white or yellow gold or it could feature a very liberal helping of diamonds, though whatever necklace you decide upon one thing is for certain, and that is she’s sure to love it.

For men

Men will also have their work cut out for them when selecting materials and designs for a new suit, and if they’re procuring a suit for no specific purpose other than to have stylish attire to wear out, that is they’re not buying a suit for work or a wedding, then they’ll also have to decide which style of suit they’re after, such as single or double breasted suits, suits with vests as well as tuxedo suits. Materials to select from include:

  • Cashmere
  • Cashmere silk wool
  • Wool
  • Satin
  • Linen
  • Thai silk

The environment in which a suit will be worn helps to determine the kind of material chosen, and whilst this applies to dinner parties and work, it also applies to the country and climate one resides in, for example wool suits are going to be overly warm in hot climates, and no one looks their best when sweating, whilst linen suits are going to be overly cool in cold climates, so bear this point in mind when selecting the material used in the creation of your suit.

Shirts can also be custom tailored on their own, so there’s no need to buy a suit if you don’t need one, and the materials used in shirts are just as important as they are with regard to suits. Thai silk is a very popular material used in the creation of custom tailored shirts, as they are comfortable in all climates, and in addition to being incredibly comfortable, they also look great.

The hypnotic quality of emeralds

There are many attributes that help to explain why emerald rings, emerald necklaces and other items of emerald jewellery are as alluring as they are, though the hypnotic quality of these stunning, vibrantly green gemstones commonly sourced from Colombia, a land as vibrantly green as these breathtaking gemstones, is a prominent one. Queen Cleopatra was a fan of emeralds, and one notable discovery near the Red Sea was later referred to as ‘Queen Cleopatra’s Mines’. History aside, these gemstones are simply stunning, and when carefully cut and shaped and then placed in exquisitely crafted items like rings and necklaces, they truly are spectacular and therefore make the perfect gift for someone special, particularly those born in the month of May, as well as Taureans and Geminis, as emeralds are the zodiac stone for Taurus and the talisman stone for Gemini.

The intense brilliance of emeralds helps to explain their popularity as much as their hypnotic qualities do, moreover stunning, inherently desirable items, such as a real emerald ring, are available in either white or yellow gold, so if you’re buying an emerald ring as a gift for someone special, once again ascertain which she prefers. Emerald rings usually feature emeralds and diamonds set together, generally with the emerald being the more prominent of the two, and the range of rings that are available online has to be seen to be believed. Earrings featuring emeralds set in white or yellow gold often also feature white diamonds in addition to vibrantly green emeralds, though if you’re looking at stud earrings, you’ll find that there are many white or yellow gold stud earrings that feature one prominent emerald, and these are, as one might well imagine, incredibly desirable.

For women

Women often also have custom clothing fashioned and like men having custom tailored suits created, women should also think about the materials used in the creation of their custom tailored clothing, and like men, Thai silk is a very popular material, as not only is it attractive, but it’s also comfortable, and whether for business or pleasure these attributes shouldn’t be overlooked. In addition to dresses, women often have suits custom tailored, and these could be either skirt suits or pants suits, both of which are very attractive, and render anyone wearing one as professional looking as can be, which is of course important in the workplace. Blouses and shirts are also commonly created for women that take pride in their appearance, and once again Thai silk is a popular material due to its attractive and comfortable properties.

Special offers are often available, for men and for women, and keeping your eyes out for special offers on custom tailored clothing enables both men and women to look their best at a price that looks just as good. Measurements are something else to take into account, and in an era in which many people shop online, many might be surprised to note that there are methods of taking one’s own measurements which can be used to ensure an outstanding fit.

Gifts for him

As mentioned earlier in the article, diamonds are nowadays worn by men as well as women, so if she’s looking for a gift for him, perhaps for an anniversary or birthday present, diamond jewellery shouldn’t be overlooked. Items of this nature includes cufflinks, rings earrings and crosses, all of which represent great gifts, and as has been mentioned several times, ascertaining whether he prefers white or yellow gold is essential prior to perusing the wide variety of items featuring everyone’s best friend.