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Posted by Hemant Khatri on

The place I worked for in Bradford offered me a big promotion, and why not i was doing really well even if i do say so myself, there was one catch it was in Nottingham. I was abit aprehensive about moving to Nottingham to say the least, i'd seen alot of stories on the news about Nottingham and they weren't good!, I had such fond memories of living in Yorkshire as well and didn't really want to move but it was a good job offer and a huge pay rise i would be stupid to say no.

So I made the decision and once again i started packing all my belongings into boxes. This time I did hire a removal company. They weren't very friendly and I know they cracked my beautiful fire surround, i'd not had it long and it cost quite a bit so i was very upset, but they just said it was already like that and as i couldn't prove anything i didnt know what else i could do. I found a house in the outskirts of Nottingham and was surprised at how cheap i got it, i soon found out why! It was in a really rough area, no decent person would brave going out after dark. But that wasn't my biggest problem, I wanted to have my loft converted to house my train set but when i got the builders in they told me some very bad news, i had asbestos in my loft. OMG I had to get a specialist company come out and do an asbestos survey, then i had to get some asbestos experts so come and remove the stuff! And the garden was like a jungle and i had to hire a loads of equipment to sort it out. Blimey i wasn't having much luck in Nottingham.

I regretted moving there almost straight away and very much missed my Yorkshire homes. When a young girl was shot in the street i thought thats it, i'm off. I put in a transfer for a job in nearby Leicester.

Nottingham wasnt all bad there are some nice areas i just wish i known that before i bought my house. I liked the shopping, and they have trams running in the city centre which i loved. One great attraction was the annual goose fair, probably the biggest fair i've ever been to, every ride and stall you could possibly imagine. Although after eating candy floss and toffee apples then going on the upside down egg ride i was throwing up in the bushes for ages! Not nice!!!!!

I also watched a bit of cricket while i was living in Nottingham, the England team played a lot at Trent Bridge.