Easy 3 ways to backup your Blogger Blog

Posted by Hemant Khatri on

Well Hello guys !! and welcome to our new Blog , The blog about Blogs , focused exclusively on The most popular blogging platform Blogger. Feel free To search our website For the latest widgets , tricks hacks and well everything blogger. In this very first post we will teach you how to backup your blog completely , so that one day if you mess things up you wouldn't want to start from scratch. Method 1 : A salute to tradition This is something most of us wouldn't want to be lectured about. This method is the simplest and most extensively used method on Blogger. In here you simply download an XML file from Blogger itself which is obviously the copy of your Blog but only of the template :(  , well if some of you haven't got that still now here is the link of the post in which i cover this topic 'Extensively'. Method 2 : A little help from Google This is probably the easiest and effective way to backup your blog , and all it's posts in one click (maybe two) , So rip out your mouse and follow these steps to Back It Up Now. 1. First go here Google Takeout , You will be greeted with the warm Login welcome by Google. ( what i meant that you will have to login there ) 2. There click 'Create an archive' . 3.  By default 'Select All' would be checked , we will be more than happy to uncheck it . 4. Find Blogger ( just scroll down ) and keep looking. 5. Check it ( I meant select it) . Note : If you have more than one blog in your account you have to first select edit in the right of Blogger and click'Select Blogs' and choose the blog you want Back Up of and uncheck the rest . Click done then. 6. Return to the top and click 'Create Archive'. You will be send to a new page, wait a little and your Blog will be available in a .zip file. Ta Da Method 3 : Use a Third Party Software The third method makes use of your PC , and of course a third party software called Blogger Backup Utility which you can get HERE for Free ! . The problem is that you can only download the posts not the template. :( .  And personally i would not recommend it but , it's good to know everything. 1. Download Blogger Utility HERE. Extract and install. 2. From the available blogs drop down menu select Add/Update/Remove Blogs Option. 3. Enter your Blogger credentials ie ID and Password  , then sit back and relax and watch the magic happen. 4. When you can see your blogs  , select your blog , then take a look at the settings below ( best leave it to default)  5. Lastly click on backup your Posts and your posts will be saved in the specified folder. Now we are done . Hope these posts will help you make your blog more secure. I personally Recommend that you should backup your blog at least a week.  Got a question ? Comment Below . Thanks for reading and Happy Blogging Keywords (Ignore Them) Save Blogger Template , Save Blogger Blog ,Save Blogger Save, Blog Posts Offline, Save Blog As Pdf,Save Blogger Blog As Pdf,Save Blog Posts As Pdf,Save Blogger SaveBlogspot,SaveBlog,BackupBlogger Blog,Backup Blog,Backup Blogger Posts,Backup BloggerTemplate,Backup Blogger Blog Posts,Backup Blogger Data,Backup Blog Wordpress,Blogging Tricks,Blogging Tricks And Tips,Blogging Tricks Blogspot,All Blogging Tricks,My Blogging Tricks,LovelyBlogging Tricks,Free Blogging Tricks,Expert Blogging Tricks,Blogging Tricks,True Blogging Tricks,Blogging Tricks,Blogging Tricks And Tips,Blogging Tricks Blogspot,All Blogging Tricks,My Blogging Tricks,Lovely Blogging Tricks,Free Blogging Tricks,Expert Blogging Tricks,Best Blogging Tricks,,True Blogging Tricks,Save Blog Posts Offline,Save Blog Posts As Pdf,Save Blog Posts,Favorite Blog Posts.