Eco-friendly Options in Eye Wear: It’s Bamboo, Baby!

Posted by Hemant Khatri on

There are so many different materials that sunglasses manufacturers use when designing frames. Most people don’t know what their sunglasses are made of; some people don’t really care. There are those of us who prefer one material over the others and some of us like to try out frames that are made of different materials. It’s nice to have so many choices. If you’re getting bored of the same old metallic or plastic frames, there are several options available. Take for instance bamboo shades, they’re lightweight, eco-friendly, and have a unique look to other pairs of shades.

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A new-school approach to frame design

Let’s be honest, the materials companies use to make sunglasses haven’t changed that much over the years. Sure, they’ve updated their collections to include lighter materials that are more durable, but the frames look exactly the same. No matter how you slice it, plastic is plastic, and unless they use a brushed finish, the look of metallic frames doesn’t vary that much. Bamboo framed sunglasses have become an ever increasing trend throughout the last ten years.

We all want accessories that set us apart from the rest of the crowd; aside from switching out your lenses or the shape of your frames, we have little choice of alternatives when it comes to frame construction and finish. Hardwood and bamboo shades have an updated and individual look that rivals even the highest quality metal and composite frames. These alternative materials are the newest trend in an otherwise monotonous area of fashion, and there’s nothing wrong with trying something new.

Sustainable and eco-friendly

Ever since the millennium, there has been a lot of concern about the environment. Scientists and environmentalists have been appealing to people to reduce their carbon footprint where possible. It’s unrealistic to think we’re willing and able to sell our cars and take up cycling or convert from hydro electricity to full on off-the-grid living. What we can do is change the little things. Collectively, switching from aerosol to spray bottles and turning off the faucet when we brush our teeth makes a huge difference. The same can be said for using products made from natural materials as opposed to synthetics. Think about it; bamboo framed sunglasses are made using materials that come from the earth. Plastic frames have to be made from scratch.

By the time you get your sunglasses, enough energy has been consumed to power a small village. Bamboo is a natural material that doesn’t have to undergo all of those processes. It isn’t made. It grows, and it’s plentiful in many parts of the world. Bamboo is also highly sustainable. When companies use hardwood for their frames, the tree has to be chopped down and it’s gone for good. Bamboo can be harvested without destroying the rest of the plant. This makes for an unending supply of manufacturing materials. It’s a small choice that can have a lasting impact.

Give yourself a fresh blast of individuality

We all want to stand out. We try to set our sights on clothing and accessories that no one else wears. Fashion also gives us a way to express ourselves. It’s one of the few ways we can display our personalities without having to bore others with some long winded speech about who we are. Bamboo is an excellent way to do this. Think back to last summer: how many people did you see wearing bamboo frames?

Not many, but that’s almost a good thing. Have you ever showed up at a barbecue and noticed that you’re wearing the same shirt as someone else? It’s actually kind of embarrassing. Of course, wearing identical sunglasses isn’t as daunting, but think back to the nineties when a specific brand dominated the sunglasses market. At times, Summer outings looked like an annual meeting of a strange cult where we all had the same shades. If nothing else, they’ll be an awesome conversation piece.           

Still not convinced?

Bamboo shades are an up and coming fashion trend,  an eco-friendly alternative, and a great way to express your individuality. What else can be said? They address literally every concern that people have when buying sunglasses and more. The perfect accessory for earth lovers and style gurus alike, they add the creative flair to your wardrobe that you’ve been searching for without costing a fortune or destroying the planet. Looking so good has never been so easy.