Fashion Industry Makeup Tips for Models

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Beauty in the modern sense is about how you look. In the modelling business, beauty actually is skin deep and most of the models wanted are in the top 10% of this spectrum. As a model or a person who would love to be considered beautiful, you not only need to apply your make up, but do it right. There are certain things that need to be avoided in order to ensure that the makeup fits just perfectly. The first don’t when applying makeup is never to use the foundation or concealer as a base for your eyelids. The reason for this is that there are high chances of the makeup creasing, ending up in a distorted look. The reason behind this is that your eyelids are always folding and straightening as you blink something that you cannot really control. Another thing that you should avoid is applying powered starting with your darkest parts of the body. This makes your skin look uneven in terms of colours, and could affect your resultant looks. You should start with the shiniest part before ending with the dull regions.

Gary Kirk Brown for The Fashion Reporter/Make-up by Darias for Lancome Backstage at Monika Chiang SS 2013 show for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Do not overdo the makeup. Ensure that you do not distort your ordinary looks by wearing too much makeup. Too much makeup actually changes your whole look and makes you seem like a different person. Therefore, just do it a little bit but in the right way. Ensure that you do not put too much of the lipstick at the centre of your upper lip. This might make you have unevenly coloured lips, and it could then affect your beautiful looks. Make sure that you start with the centre of the upper lip and gently spread it to the other parts of the lips in a uniform fashion. Press the lipstick hard but in a gentle manner.

Do not apply the mascara while moving in a slow motion, or too softly, as you will affect the resultant look. Do it in a quick way and ensure that you go in a zigzag fashion. Ensure that the wand is jammed into the wand’s base to get the perfect results. A uniform skin hue is all that you should be looking out for as you apply your mascara. Always take a look at yourself, and get an opinion before leaving. It is important to take a close look at every detail of your make up, noting the hues, and how the makeup fits your face and other parts of the body. If you saw an audition in a models wanted advert, know that there will be competition.

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