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Fashion Modeling Can Open the Gates to an Acting Career

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Today, I will share with you a very well kept secret. The secret to a buzzing career in acting, no matter how talented you are, is to get noticed! Think of it – what is the first thing you take notice of, in an actor? Looks, right? And then – their style? That’s the trick. Get yourself noticed and once you get there, impress them with your acting talents. And what would be the best way to get noticed by the movie or television industry?

Most Hollywood actors and actresses have started out their careers as models; they were first discovered as fashionable people long before they were even able to enter the acting scene. Making a statement with their unique style made them stand out. Whether you wish to be a model or an actor, fashion modeling can open the gates to many opportunities.

Prior to being recognized as actors on TV and in film, most actresses and actors have undergone the process of training themselves as fashion models. Jaime King, for example has accumulated a number of modeling credentials.

By simply wearing the right style of clothes, and applying for modeling gigs and contracts, she was able to get features in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Mademoiselle before she got her first break as an actress in Sin City, the Spirit, and now the popular TV series Hart of Dixie. Even Brooke Shields started out this way. Her pictures were so memorable, she was easily recognizable and that made things easier for her in Hollywood.

Sharon Stone is another story of a model that was able to transcend her modeling career into the silver screen, she is undeniably fashionably dressed and was also able to get the attention of casting directors by looking amazingly good and put together. She started out as a Ford Model in 1977, and worked for some time as a model in Europe.

Her acting skills were eventually discovered, and she was able to appear in the movie Basic Instinct, The Muse and Casino to name a few.

Even high caliber actors like Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp, started out their career as models. They were able to get the attention of people, by being exceptionally well dressed, and having their own unique style. This was what made them bankable, noticeable and interesting enough to be discovered.

I am sure I have set you thinking now. If you are set out for an acting career and have no Godfathers in the industry, you know where to begin. Fashion models are already associated with style and glam so you will be sure to have those areas covered.

Over time, after building a successful fashion model portfolio, people will start taking you more seriously and allow you to graduate into the role of a certified TV or Hollywood actor/actress. The way you dress and accessorize, and the way you carry yourselves, will prove to be a great stepping stone to your dream destination. The principle is simple – make sure to get noticed first.

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