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First steps to dispute resolution: setting realistic expectations

The former first lady, Eleanor Roosevelt humanitarian and diplomat once said, you can’t move so fast that you are trying to replace [the situation] faster than people can accept it. That doesn’t mean you’re not doing anything, but it means that you are doing things that need to be done in terms of priority. This is a statement that many find it difficult to accept as truth and place this statement truer than mediation, the first priority must always be to set realistic expectations for the results of the process by the parties. When misunderstandings, especially where disputes involving family or divorce, emotions run high.

when emotions run high, it is almost impossible to reduce the annoying noise they create in a process of thinking person. that is why mediation approach is difficult for many people-including all the thoughts that innocent, betrayed, lying, etc., how can I possibly wait a table to talk to someone you trust to take responsibility for this? A good mediator understands this and does not approach the urgency of mediation sessions held hands and play well. In many conflicts, it would be impossible to do from the beginning. What is a good mediator will, however, start a mediation session with the two sides lay out realistic expectations about the dispute.

Part I can tell them what the judge could lead these things, if taken to court and does not resolve in mediation. This is where the experience of testing and testing may be useful for a mediator. Another part of you can specify which endorse other people facing the same Conflict carried out during a similar dispute. It helps clients measure their degree of give and take process.

Mediation can be a very successful method of alternative dispute resolution came in correctly. Most of it has to do with how the mediator sets the tone and how well you know about the dispute is a realistic outcome for their case. If there are no mediators will help you set realistic expectations from the beginning, it was a sign that he is not very skilled in the art of mediation. Demands to know what the likely outcome of the trial will be moderated and we highly recommend your skills this before approving the procedure.

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