Get the Katy Perry Look in 5 Easy Steps

Posted by Hemant Khatri on

Her gorgeous locks and bright eyes make us swoon. She sports a variety of hairstyles with ease and her makeup palette has every possible shade ever invented. But it is not as difficult as it looks. In fact, getting Katy Perry’s look has never been this easy!

We found some supercool extensions at  SKR hair extensions and paired them with some bright makeup palettes to mimic the Diva’s vivacious look in 5 easy steps:

Hair Extensions

Katy Perry changes her hairstyles faster than a chameleon changes colors. Hair extensions and wigs are the key to instant volume, curls and straight locks. Her smouldering jet black waves are the prize of her beautiful looks. Get the look with Jet Black clip in hair extensions. For one of her colored hair looks, you can change your extensions in a jiffy!

Jet Black clip in hair extensions – SKR Hair

Lash Extensions

For glamorous eyes like Katy Perry’s, we selected the Glam Lashes. These false lashes will maximize the full look of your eyelashes and make them stand out.

Glam false eyelashes – SKR Hair and Beauty

Contact Lenses

Katy Perry’s eye color is Grey-Green. However, just like her hair color and vivid makeup, she changes her eye color with contact lenses. Keeping to the current look, you could choose from one of the green toned contact lenses.

Sea green Dimensions contact lenses by Freshlook.

Eye Makeup

Bright and colorful eyes have become synonymous with Katy Perry. She loves to use two different colors for upper and lower eye makeup. A hint of green enhances the sparkle of her eyes. Choose a Dual shade eyeshadow to get the look.

Choose two shades of eye shadow to match your dress and eyes


With all her bold choices for everything else, Katy Perry surprisingly sticks to mostly the rose-kissed look for her cheeks. Rarely ever, does she go for a bold lipstick like red. Most of the times, you will see her sporting the Barbie doll look with pink lipstick or lip gloss. NARS Schiap is said to be her favorite but you try varying shades of pink.

NARS Schiap

Want to go beyond the face and capture her complete style? We suggest funky, retro dresses, floral accessories and keep accessories to a minimum.