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How to Put your face to be the best one

It is very common for every one , that many of us would memorize once, when we saw a picture of our self and wished we had looked better. It's no wonder that those who don't like to have their photos taken are the same people who feel they are not photogenic.

It's regularly an important event in men’s life like wedding, birthday, anniversary, reunion or public appearance where we can't avoid the eyes of the camera. However you look at it, you're going to have your picture taken -- so it's just better no need to be exited…. How it can be………. Yes, it is possible to make friends with the camera. Photographers, fashion designers, make-up artists and models, they all know the tricks of the trade and enjoying themselves. But a normal people like we don't have that luxury, so we've some handy tips to help you, which influence the result.

Put your face to be the best one

Maintaining good hygiene is not only good for your photos, it's a need to increase your self-confidence and life period. Show up with clean hair and faultless make-up. To reduce facial shine, try Lancome Photogenic Foundation (oil-free formula) for great coverage and a matte finish.

Its not advisable to try a new makeup for the first time on the day of a photo taken, unless an expert is engaged to apply it. For indoor sites, you may need to apply your eye shadow, blush and lipstick a little thicker than what you're accustomed to. So bring them with you for quick touch-ups.

Wear a cheerful smile, which increases your face value If your teeth are getting a little savor less, have your dentist whiten them up -- or plan ahead and use a home teeth-whitening kit for a dazzling smile. Be remember that orange and coral lipsticks have a nature to make your teeth appear yellow. So prefer, stick with pink, plumb or rose shades instead of orange and coral lipsticks. 

Be elevate a good pose

Generally people have a "good side" and a "bad side." Probably you may not notice this, you're lucky. However, by taking a close look at yourself in the mirror, you will probably discover that one side looks better than next. Maybe it's a pockmark on your face or the way, how your hair falls. When you learn which side looks better, you can angle yourself so that your best side is prominent. If you're posing for a casual group photo, be the first up there so you can choose your spot.

Emphasize your best features and front your body in such a way to conceal your flaws. You may feel silly, but you can practice posing in a full-length mirror. Be remember that, you're not the only one who has taken this approach.

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