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Jewels Of Royalty: Haath Phool

Fashion is all about redefining the age old dictums in a more modern and contemporary way. They say what goes around comes around. It always happens in case of fashion trends. Today’s case in point is the Haath Phool.

Hath Phool


A Haath phool, literally translating into a hand flower is an age old fashion accessory for the Indian bride. It is worn on the hands with a flower like focal resting in the centre with a ring (or rings)in the finger(s) and a bracelet or bangle on the wrist. It is an integral part of the Indian bride’s wedding jewellery set and has in recent times gained international prominence amongst the glitterati. From Kelly Clarkson to Miley Cyrus, Sonam Kapoor to Madhuri Dixit, the Oscar red carpet to the Filmfare green carpet, the swish set are dressing up their ensemble with the contemporary versions of the very versatile haath phool.

It was believed that the haath phool was usually a jewellery piece set up only in kundan or jadau. However contrary to popular belief, it was usually made up of gold or silver or even uncut stones and diamonds. They were very popular in the Mughal era and were believed to be a staple jewellery of the Persian dancers at that time too.

Hath Phool - Rani Mukherji


The more recent and trending versions are designed by using both contemporary influences, along with the traditional elements and creating a design that justifies this elegant piece’s beauty and timelessness. Manish Malhotra, Anju Modi ,Tarun Tahiliani – Every big designer has created his version of the haath phool in recent times and won the hearts of the masses and classes with its beauty and charm.

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