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The world of fashion requires you to have a perfectly fitting suit. No matter how expensive your suit may be, if it does not fit you well it will not give you that glamorous look the superstars always have. The designer shirt you bought to match with the suit or the designer tie will not even be noticed. The coat will actually look like it’s hanged on you. Now that is something you should try to avoid by getting the correct measurements for your body size. For a person who has done this many times, it is just a walk in the park but for a novice it is an uphill to climb. So what do you need to measure to get that perfect tuxedo?

The first measurement you should take when ordering men custom suits tailored online is the suit jacket. This measurement is taken from the widest part of your body, which is across your chest. Take the measurement from under one arm across the chest to the other side. Be relaxed and breathing normally because holding your breath means you will take the wrong measurements, which will lead to a tighter coat than required. The height of the coat will be dependent on whether you are ordering for a tail coat, a frock coat, or the regular suit.

The next part you need to measure yourself for online tailored suit by ExclusiveSuit4You is your waist. This measurement will be used for your trouser. Chances are high that you already know your waist size from other trousers you bought in the past, but it is always advisable to take the measurements because body size changes with time. Take the tape measure around your waist just below the belly button and add at least an inch to the measurement you have taken to allow for space when you sit down.

Your suit will not look good on you if the trouser is too tight, too loose or too short on you. This is a part you might not do it yourself properly so you may need to get a person to do it for you. The measurement should be straight from your crotch down to the bottom of your shoe. This is the ideal size which will give you the correct height. About the looseness, you should measure you seat across the buttocks.

An online tailor and custom made suit will not be good if the length of the sleeves is not perfect. A professional tailor knows the standard length of the sleeve when he has the measurements for the chest and height but standard does not always apply to everyone. Taking the measurements will take you only a few seconds and guarantee a gorgeous suit. From the seam of your shoulder, measure directly to two inches below your wrist.

Once you have all these measurements and you are confident about them, order for your suit and make the down payment. There is always a small window of 48 hours to make adjustments, which upon expiry the tailors will start making your tailored suit.