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Snap, Dress and Buy!

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Cool women around the world have a new catch phrase that once you get it, it becomes addictive. We’re talking about Snap, Dress and Buy. Curious?

Well girls, enter the new age of shopping for clothes in a perfect symbiosis of technology, simplicity and fun. Meet your new shopping assistant: SnappyDresser.

SnappyDresser is a simple concept designed to help women decide easier upon a certain piece of clothing or accessory. SnappyDresser is very easy to use. All you have to do is to take a picture of yourself in the app’s photo booth and enter the lovely virtual change room. Because we know, that’s where the magic happens! And then, things are even simpler from here.

You can virtually try on clothes that you can find available on top online stores and just have fun with it. You can even try on clothes just for the fun of it, to have a laugh at yourself and try on clothes that you would never try in real life. You can do whatever you want to do, try on whatever you want to try and at the end of the day make your decision whether to buy on not.

To buy or not to buy, this is the biggest shopping question ever. SnappyDresser will basically help you decide faster than ever without you actually sweating and wasting time doing this in reality. With SnappyDresser you can be sure that all products are updated regularly and linked directly to the online stores where you can get them. This is what we call smooth shopping!

And then there’s more. SnappyDresser is now the hottest free app waiting for you girls on the Appstore shelves. Yuppy! It’s free to download and it works with iPhone or iPad and in the near future Android users will enjoy it too, because we’re working on it as you’re reading this.

What else needs being said? With SnappyDresser on your smart device there’s no way to shop easier faster and have more fun. Real life shopping is so yesterday, we tell you. We welcome each and every one of you beautiful ladies into the new world of clothes shopping with SnappyDresser.

So, what’s the new word? Oh, yeah: Snap, Dress and Buy!

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