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The reason I am writing this article is because I got married very recently. A very few people are lucky enough not just to find their ideal man, but to get married to that man in an ideal wedding.

We are from the South of India, so we had a Telugu style wedding. The traditional way to start the wedding is to offer prayers to the Lord Vinayaka, who is said to watch over the wedding, making sure that everything goes perfect. The traditional wedding dress of most Indian weddings is a “saree” and that was what I went to shop for next. I was adamant on getting a Kanchi silk saree known as “kanchi pattu”. Red is the most commonly worn color for most brides, followed by yellow. Black is almost never worn.


All brides go on some crash diet or another to look that perfect size, which is the most common mistake most brides tend to make. Starving yourself is not the best choice during the midst of planning a wedding, as brides might end up looking tired and malnourished during the ceremony and in the photographs. The wisest thing to do is stick to a normal diet. Have lots of water, to protect against dehydration or fresh fruit juices to keep you going. I remember one wedding of a close friend, and at first instance I thought I was at some other wedding. The reason was that my friend looked totally different, so try not to overdo the make up and jewelry. It’s not about looking extremely different, but looking the best YOU can look.

One of the most important parts of the wedding is the food. Mostly, a typical wedding spread includes around 15- 20 dishes including starters, entrees and main courses. As most south indians are vegetarians, the food is kept mostly vegetarian, and includes things like vegetable biryani, lentil soups, vegetable curries etc.

: Of course, dessert is not be underestimated, as it is a sweet occasion that is marked. : There is an array of desserts to choose from on your wedding. Rice puddings, dry fruit sweets, gulab jamun etc. are also excellent choices. Before the actual ceremony, celebration goes on at the both the bride and grooms house for quite a few days. Traditionally on the brides side, the most popular function that goes on is the “henna” function, where the brides hands and feet are adorned with henna tattoos. Another popular function is called sangeet where family and friends of both the sides gather and engage in singing, dancing and dinner.

Most Indian weddings are quite large and include a long guest list. The whole wedding tends to last over a few days at least. Usually all costs are endured by the brides family and can range from the hundreds to thousands of dollars. Many videos of Indian wedding celebrations can be found online.


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