The Art of Lagenlook Clothing

Posted by Hemant Khatri on

To understand the art of Lagenlook clothing we first need to be clear what Lagen look is. Lagenlook is a term that has spread quickly over the last few years to describe a particular way of dressing, that of creating a layered look, building up layers with fabric, colours and textures to create a certain individual style. Although a German word, it is not a style that is just common to Germany but is a style of dressing loved the world over. Neither is it restricted to a certain age range or body type, anyone and everyone can dress in the Lagenlook style, you just need to follow some basic principles. I am going to outline three essential points for creating the Lagen look style that you can follow to develop your own Lagenlook.

1. How it works

The key to creating the perfect Lagenlook is to take individual items of clothing and to gradually layer them to create a perfect silhouette. The look that will often have the most impact will combine different prints, colours and textures to achieve the final outfit. Mix cottons and wools, tweeds, print and plain fabrics as long as you have one tonal colour in the over all outfit mixing different prints and textures is a perfect way of creating your style.

2. Dress for your body shape

Although the Lagenlook can be worn by any one of any shape or size, there are certain rules that you should follow to make the look work for you and dressing for your body shape is crucial. If you are more petite, this style of dressing can dwarf you if you are not careful so you must make sure you stick to a more streamlined look. Wear more fitted pieces and avoid cropped pants that can shorten the leg. Stay away from prints that are too large and busy as all this can swamp a smaller figure. If you have a larger figure avoid anything that finishes at your largest point ie cropped jackets that finish at the middle if this is your largest point. Larger ladies can use busy prints and bold colours as a way of flattering their figure.

3. Key buys for your wardrobe

To create the perfect Lagenlook there are some key buys that you will need that will pull each outfit together. A great pair of pants, either long length or cropped depending on your size. A really versatile jacket again either longer length or cropped and a fabulous tunic or dress that can be combined with your other key items. Each piece should compliment the other, you can also add scarves or necklaces to polish your look. Once you have the key basics you can add pieces to create many different looks.

By following the three essential key Lagenlook points above in no time at all you can develop a unique sense of dressing in a look that is easy to wear and versatile. The Lagenlook way of dressing enables you to create you own fashion rules and style that will really set you apart from everybody else.

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