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The Difficulty of Dealing with Japanese Asian Hair

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Different ethnicities have different kinds of hair so it follows that each ethnicity has a different hair care regimen. Japanese hair, which can be considered as a part of Asian hair needs special care because of its nature; because it is coarse it is rather resistant to chemical treatment. It is also very straight which means that it can be quite hard to style. Japanese women will generally want their hair to be done by a Japanese hairdresser but this doesn’t mean that other hairdressers are out of the question. On the contrary, any hairdresser can do Japanese hair so long as they learn the kind of skills that are needed to handle Asian hair. Let’s look briefly at how one should handle cuts, styling and color. Keep in mind that this is a summarized version; you need to learn a lot more than you will find here.

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Because Japanese hair is very straight it can be quite difficult to know exactly how to cut it. The best cuts are those that use linear cutting lines as well as those that use blunt cutting. One thing that is unique is that layering is so hard to achieve; Japanese hairdressers do it all the time but you need to learn the skill if you want to offer layered styles. You should also learn how to increase or decrease volume as required by the style. Keep in mind that Japanese hair can be full or fine and you need to find styles that not only take care of volume but that also suit different facial features.


Again, this requires skill in layering just like cutting does. You also have to take into account whether hair is sparse or full and different styles for different faces. Although there are traditional styles that were used by Japanese hairdressers and are still in use today, Japanese women are opting for a large range of hair styles. If you want to introduce a little body into fine hair, for example, you may want to use chemicals to achieve a body wave or a large curl perm. Because they make hair a little wavy it becomes easier to style and you have more styling options.


Japanese hair is generally very dark so achieving color isn’t always easy. The first thing that a Japanese hairdresser will do if they want to assume a different color is lighten the hair. Unfortunately, hair lightening can do a lot of damage to hair. The safest and easiest way to achieve color colored hairpieces. There is a process called tinting which can lighten hair color without damaging it. Generally, the tint is applied and then a glossing treatment is applied to keep the hair safe from damage. The colors you can get through this process are limited though. Color panels are also useful.

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