The India Gate - a War Memorial in Delhi

Posted by Hemant Khatri on

When I was in New Delhi, I couldn’t but go to see the India Gate. It is located in the heart of the city. Built in 1931, it was initially used as the All India War Memorial.It is an outstanding object of the city that commemorates the 90 000 soldiers who lost their lives in World War I as well as Third Anglo-Afghan War. Those 90, 000 soldiers fought for India Empire, or in other words the British Raj. The India Gate is located so that a number of significant roads spread out in several different directions. The India Gate complex covers an area of 306000 square meters. Its diameter is up to 625 meters. The India Gate has also gained popularity as a place where quite a few cultural events take place. Not only national holidays, but also cultural and cross-cultural shows are seen by the India Gate lawns. The monument witnessed the statue of King George that had stood there till the middle of the 20th century, as after declaration of the Independence of India it was moved to the Coronation Park Delhi. Please Note: if you want to see India Gate, the statue of King George and other tourist spots of New Delhi, you can contact the Kashmir tourism agency that offers custom tours and they will easily create a special tourism package that will include the most interesting places of New Delhi. Nowadays, there is a custom that the President and the Prime Minister as well as other important guests of the country visit the site in token of homage. On the Republic Day, January 26, one can see how the Prime Minister together with the heads of Armed Forces pay homage to India’s fallen soldiers. In addition to being a real masterpiece, the India Gate has national importance and is also one of the symbols of the state. Right and left sides of the monument are inscribed with the dates of 1919 and 1914, respectively. In the nighttime, when I actually first saw the monument, many floodlights are set around the place. I could also view how the fountains are lit with bright lights. There are well-tended lawns around the gate; they are often used as a picnic ground as well. In fact, a lot of people like strolling around on summer evenings. I could see people taking boat rides in the ponds nearby. Moreover, there are many vendors selling balloons, toys as well as ice cream and other street foods. Overall, the atmosphere is fair-like. I would say that visiting the India Gate is a must for anyone who has come to the city of New Delhi to enjoy the environment and do some sightseeing.