The Joys of the Pushkar Fair

Posted by Hemant Khatri on

As I have travelled to India I have made a decision to visit the Pushkar fair that is one of the brightest fairs of this exotic region. Quite a small town named Pushkar is located in the state of Rajasthan and a fair is held there for five days.It is not a usual fair but all the domestic animals can be bought and sold there. I assure you that visiting this place will let you see and understand the unique world of India much better. So, when I came to the fair, I wanted to see camel races first. And I wasn’t disappointed: the camel races were so exotic and the sacred Pushkar Lake had a wonderful view. This lake is visited by many pilgrims that swim in it and it is located on three hills near a desert. The desert romantic atmosphere is felt there very strongly, I must say. It is really a place where you can relax and forget about civilization, dive into the dreams of living here and watching the bold sand hills and riding a camel. I walked along the banks of this sacred lake and thought about how it would be like to live here since childhood. But let’s talk about the fair itself. In fact, the Pushkar Fair is held only for five days but these days are full of various events and entertainments. Crowds of Indian people dressed in bright colors gather near the lake banks and also the tourists start flowing here for purchasing souvenirs. Actually, all the livestock is sold in Pushkar during the fair and it includes camels, cows, goats and the other domestic animals. Also women will be glad to obtain different kinds of textiles, traditional Indian fabrics that are really beautiful and colourful. They also possess excellent qualities unlike some kinds of typical Indian food in the restaurants. Also, exotic dishes and local souvenirs can be bought by the tourists of the fair. There are piles of such souvenirs, I must say. Of course, I had a chance of watching some curious Indian rituals that are held here annually and they have very oriental coloring. Well, if you are interested in oriental cultures, Indian beliefs and places are what you would like to visit and get to know, the Pushkar Fair will be the right spot to visit for you. You can do this by taking a special custom package at the best travel agency in Kashmir and India. In my opinion, it is worth seeing and it is one of the brightest events in this ancient place where life is so different from our modern lives.