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Wedding day essentials for every bride

Drinks spilling, heels breaking, lipstick smudging, eye-liner running, some of the most common problems that happen to the best of us at festive occasions. These are not the things we want happening on the most special day of our life! All brides work so very hard to look their best and for all events to go flawlessly spectacular.

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But there are always some unexpected moments, that you don’t take into consideration, that can occur. For such unavoidable mishaps, there must be room for contingencies and the best and the only way to do is by planning and preparing for it in advance. It is therefore extremely important and a must to have an emergency kit containing all your bridal essentials. You can have a bridesmaid, sister or any family member, who’ll stay close to you, to hold on to it and bring it out in case of need.

Here is an exhaustive list of Bridal Essentials:

Vanity Kit:

Carry a pocket mirror so you can keep glancing your pretty face and fix what’s required,comb/brush/hair pins and spray for a last minute quick fix, nail filer to file any last minute chips, all makeup for touch ups, safety pins to hide any rips or to keep your outfit in place and rubber bands, in your vanity kit.

Emergency Kit:

Keep band-aids for blister or shoe bites, basic sewing kit with threads matching your outfit for a last minute rip or tear, sanitary napkins for you know what, feviquik in case your heel breaks or some embellishment comes off from your attire or accessories, as a part of your emergency kit.

Extras Kit:

Extra pair of earrings and back clasps along with an extra pair of heels/flats are a must keep. You don’t want to be stuck in any unwanted circumstance.

Freshness Kit:

Keep a handy perfume so you can keep smelling fresh and sexy throughout the evening,tissues to wipe any smudged makeup or sweat, blotting sheets for shine free pictures, mintsfor fresh breath,

Other important things to carry:

Asprin/antacid/anti-allergen/ any medication for any sort of reaction you’re prone to, Strawsso you don’t smudge your lipstick, contact info of all vendors/management for last minute emergencies or requirements, are some more things that you could add to your Bridal kit.

These items can be customized according to ones individual needs. Tailor it the way you’d personalize your wedding to truly have a flawless experience. With a little foresight and per-planning you will be all set to enjoy your wedding without any qualms.



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