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Why is Jodhpur Blue?

Jodhpur, famously referred to as the Blue City, is Rajasthan’s second largest city. Its stark desert landscapes, magnificent forts, royal palaces and ancient temples, act as a tourist magnet for people from all across the globe.

The Blue City tag given to Jodhpur has several mythical notions attached to it. One answer that you would most persistently get from the locals is that the blue color keeps the houses cool and repels mosquitoes! But then it makes you wonder why is Jaipur Pink or why aren’t all the other cities in Rajasthan blue too? Well I guess we will never know!

Jodhpur 2

Another famous and commonly believed notion is that, blue being the color of royals in India, the Brahmin class (High/Priest Class) painted their houses blue to set them apart from the common class. The caste system was strictly followed in ancient times in India and traces of it can still be found in the deep roots of rural India, the blue paint might have been an off shoot of that. Eventually this suit was followed even by the non-Brahmin class and today if you look down from Meherangarh Fort you will see a sea of indigo amidst a barren desert.

Jodhpur 3

But then again these are supposed facts and one never knows which one to believe, guess that’s what makes history so interesting! Besides these engrossing notions there are some who look into the practical reasoning of it rather than artistic aspect.

Jodhpur 4

Some believe that Jodhpur’s location is a breeding ground for termites and that at some point in the past these insects damaged or destroyed the traditional lime washed homes, and as a solution to this problem, compounds with copper salt were introduced and used to paint the homes with. This compound adds a bluish hue, making the walls of the homes appear blue. And since this compound was expensive, only the Brahmin class could afford it and painted their homes with it, giving birth to the segregation of homes.

No matter which suits your thinking, one thing is for sure this city of color will never fail to mesmerize you with its innate beauty.


Jodhpur is well connected by road, rail and air to all major towns and cities.

The Airport is 5kms from the center of the city and caters to flights from Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Udaipur.

A direct flight from New York could cost approximately $2,000, but if you fly to New Delhi first and then hop on a train or plane to Jodhpur it would cost you literally half the price.

In fact, if you’re planning to fly from London, same would be advisable, as direct to Jodhpur would cost you $1,200 approx. and via Delhi would be $900approx.

From the airport you can either take a cab or a rikshaw, they should approximately cost you Rs. 200 / Rs. 100 respectively.

Trains from all across India are easily available, but make sure to book them in advance.

PS: Don’t forget to carry a sun hat and must not miss out on a Tonga ride (horse driven carriages).

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