With A Huge Algorithm Update On The Horizon We Converse What Google Caffine Will Imply To SEO

Posted by Hemant Khatri on

The Internet is buzzing about the test release of the latest version of the Google search. This new version has been given the name Caffeine and for a good reason. According to a test by the mashable website, the results are delivered up to 50% faster than with the current Google algorithm. Although Google Caffeine is supposed to take half the time to return its results, it is the actual results it return that are of interest to SEO consultants.

Why is Google so large?

Google is estimated to control just over 70% of all global searches on the world wide web. This means that over 70% of all global Internet users will search for the information they need using Google instead of Yahoo, ask or the quickly failing AOL. The high percentage of these users are typing in what the SEO world calls “long tailed keywords” and according to Google, the new algorithm will give them even more relevant results in half the time, they may not notice the difference, but In terms of SEO, this is a very immense change.

When testing the beta Google Caffeine against the current version of Google, the results for most keywords were far more relevant to that keyword. Whereas before, Google results would often contain websites that were irrelevant or copies of other high ranking websites, the new results appear to weed out the black hat cheats and converge more on the websites that are well optimized and use the power of keywords and quality content.

A change is on the horizon, the new google algorithm is visibly different and this is something that SEO professionals will need to come to terms with when working with their clients, the influence of the keyword has gained even more power. Quality back links and deep links will also remain very important. The smaller website is also going to receive a bit of a much needed foot up from the new Google algorithm.

Many of the smaller websites are often the ones that fully harness back links and deep linking practices to increase their search engine rank placement. It appears that Google is finally rewarding the hard work and effort of the smaller websites with quality content, by handing them a higher ranking in the serps.

What Does Caffeine Mean For SEO Services?

In general, the larger sites need not worry about the imminent changes, most large sites have been building huge numbers of back links and deep links for years, Some smaller sites may need to look at the relevance of their content and improve the bottom line of their keyword density. Seeking professional SEO Services could certainly be a good move for many small businesses looking to take advantage of these changes and the flux in serps it will in all likelihood bring with it. It has also been reputed that sites with a larger number of pages and extensive deep links will fair much better under the algorithm, This will be great news for many sites and it makes sense for google to give more credence to this type of link as it is by far the most naturally attained and least exploited form of linking.

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