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7 Karigar Gali

Green & Blue Handwoven Pochampally Silk Saree

Green & Blue Handwoven Pochampally Silk Saree

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This is a green pure handwoven Pochampally silk saree featuring blue zari woven borders with palla. The saree comes with a blouse piece. Pochampally, a cluster of 80 villages, has traditional looms, whose design is more than a century-old. This form of Ikat features transfer of intricate geometrical designs and colouring onto warp and weft threads first, then weaving them together. In an evolving global village where homogeneous products dominate our lifestyles, craft products stand apart in their distinctiveness and cultural reference. The brand, 7 Karigar Gali, was born to blend the diverse Indian craft techniques with contemporary form of clothing, thus producing a product range that is culturally rich, unique and a class-apart.

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