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House of Wandering Silk

Pink Silk Saree Shawl

Pink Silk Saree Shawl

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This is a handmade pink and purple silk and cotton saree shawl with traditional kantha stitch on it. Its a one of a kind shawl made made from up cycled vintage sarees in a mix of ikat, floral and abstract design.

The shawl is made using two layers of separate saree fabrics and paired piece by piece in complementary and contrasting colors.

Length: 78 to 85 Inches Inches

HOWS wants every person who wears one of their upcycled saree kantha shawls to feel connected to this story, which starts with a well-loved saree making its way through the hands of textile-loving designers to those of rural Indian artisans and finally to you. Each pair of hands leaves its mark, and each artisan leaves her name embroidered, in Bengali, in the corner of the product she has worked on. They hope this will remind you of the long journey, and the multiple positive impacts, which your product has made.Any variations or irregularities are part of the design and inherent to the production process..

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