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10 tricks for be much more handsome

Oleh: Jesse April 10, 2013 We can all be splendid if we have present the factors to accentuate what makes us more attractive. No is governed necessary have a face of model of magazine nor a body of scandal with perfect measurements. The persons we feel more attracted to people who look healthy, optimistic and strong. Therefore, I give you the 10 tricks to be more handsome of face to the other people. To achieve the objective of being more handsome we must be clear two things: enjoy of about good healthy habits and a great positive attitude towards life. That is the secret of beauty.1. Controls the weight Come only to feed you, ie when you sit in the table to eat, not you finish with all there into it, tries of eat a little less and you’ll find much better. He wears a diet that is balanced and that provides to your body all necessary nutrients for its correct operation, that will help you maintain ideal weight. Performs 5 meals daily, do not abuse sweets, refreshments, industrial bakery and desserts, Take it as something unusual, that only you can eat in special occasions.2. Bebe two liters of water as minimum Being hydrated allows improve, and much, in our performance. Addition, drinking water, we can eliminate toxins of our body while we make than ours organism works much better. Always causeth your bag a water bottle to make sure babies minimum 2 liters of water a day. 8 glasses of water is usually the correct measure for most people. Rations these during the day without wait to have the sensation of thirst to help your stomach with digestion, drain toxins and residues stagnant. Water is life!3. Performs physical activities A task that becomes mandatory if your work you kidnaps in the chair for many hours per out of day. No makes lack pasted a beating in the gym, but find the routine of workouts that more adapts To Your needs . If not motivates you do sport in enclosed spaces, not worry. Have at your disposal thousands of outdoor activities that will help you sculpt few Apollonian muscles.4. Rest 8 hours daily Our body needs rest to recover from the demands of work and year to which him we subject, sleeps 8 hourseach night and garantizarás be in conditions next day to eat you the world. No tranches unless you see him necessary. Besides not being able concentrate on the activities you develop, diminish ought your performance both in training as in your work. Sleeps maximum of 8 hours, will help you feel much better by the morning. Sleeping little is equal of detrimental than sleep much, is more, can get up more tired of what you slept .Diverse investigations have demonstrated e indicated that if sleep est more hours of those necessary can reach become a health risk.5. Take care of your skin Taking care skin is not something exclusive of women. Deja “the nonsense” aside and begins to caring the largest organ that possesses our body, skin. The cosmetics for men are the best option to the hour of caring your skin. These the will maintain much cleaner and sporting a good color. Creams cleansers, moisturizers, …. From Moda They always we have bet by the skincare to feel better with oneself .6. Watch your hair El washing solo is the principle Handling the haircut. Uses a good shampoo, a conditioner and / or cream softener. Find the style or hairstyle you going. Comb your hair using gomina, waxes or gels. No discards the use of hair iron and you’ll look much better. The hair care is very important when of look good .7. Shaved, beard and mustache If you like look slightly of beard, do it as must be. Dedicates time to this face zone with all resources and times sufficient. Evita leave you the four hairs in the knob, nor a strip of microscope that is already past. Applies always the correct technique for trim his beard . In change if yours is go well shaved, you must follow the steps necessary to perform well the shave . Evita shave with the face dry or bit damp, uses a good after save, …8. Conceals imperfections of your face:dark circles They usually appear for having slept little, dark circles and bags always give us a touch of tiredness to our aspect, turning off the light of our eyes besides subtract the attractions of these. To disguise these problems, resorts to a corrective makeup with a lighter shade of that has your skin. La bag of eyes is treated with creams that do nothing that activate circulation of blood in that zone of the face.9. Search your style own Stresses front of others by your style own . You must search that with which is current and is comfortable. Not everything that is Trend fits right to worldwide. You must be ready and look the clothes that highlights your strongest points and disguise what not ll like from you. Ten a great variety of clothes, from shirts, shirts, shoes, slippers, … leaving that put the icing to your style the complements .10. You must of be optimistic Beyond all what you wear and what you take care, the point that will play in your favor to feel more handsome shall be thy positive attitude towards life. La good presence depends much of as you project this. No forget to smile and of being happy! 

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