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Whats of this loud ringing in ears

Health Blog

Ringing in ears is issue plaguing hundreds of millions of Americans, and individuals around the world. It's estimated 50 millions Americans have tinnitus, or ringing inside the ears. Don't worry, this is really a condition, not a illness, but it could be a symptom of some other illness or other bigger dilemma. Ringing within the ears is also referred to as tinnitus, along with other names. Whatever you call it, it may be annoying, and frankly, it is really tough to stop it. There are numerous causes of it, but mostly it is on account of permanent ear damage. The...

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Lots of Unanswered Questions about the Great Stupa

Travel Blog

India is a holy place where you will find lots of places and monuments with a hidden meaning. I was honored to visit one of them. It is the Great Stupa at Sanchi and it is one of the most important places of pilgrimage.People believe that the monument was built to obtain and to keep peace in this world. This is one of the very first monuments of Buddhism. Some scientists confirm that the time when the Great Stupa appeared is the 2nd or the 3rd century BC. The Great Stupa is one of the first elementary monuments that is...

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The India Gate - a War Memorial in Delhi

Travel Blog

When I was in New Delhi, I couldn’t but go to see the India Gate. It is located in the heart of the city. Built in 1931, it was initially used as the All India War Memorial.It is an outstanding object of the city that commemorates the 90 000 soldiers who lost their lives in World War I as well as Third Anglo-Afghan War. Those 90, 000 soldiers fought for India Empire, or in other words the British Raj. The India Gate is located so that a number of significant roads spread out in several different directions. The India Gate...

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10 Techniques to Uncover Linkbuilding Targets on Social Networks

SEO Blog

There’s now no need to keep on banging your head against the office wall. If in the past, selecting suitable linkbuilding targets has been a real headache for aspiring entrepreneurs, today you can now make the job easier for you. So here are 10 straight forward ways to identify appropriate linkbuilding targets on social neworks.  There’s no reason why you cannot do it yourself… It requires some time out of your schedule, some planning ahead and a little bit of panache for good measure.1. Select the Desired Target Audience Key movers in the sector or highly valued and well qualified...

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3 Things a Woman wants from you

Lifestyle Blog

Everybody in this world and you want to know what women want, but it seems to change ALL of the time. Just when you think you know what a woman wants, and how to make her want you, she goes and does something to totally mess up your head. Is there ANYTHING that you can do to really understand what a woman wants? Here are some tips to understand what women want: 1. A woman wants to attract a man that acts like a man. You don't want to be one of those wimpy pushover types if you really want...

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