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6 Mistakes you Should Avoid in Self-defense

When it comes to self-defense, anyone can make mistakes. Men and women typically tend to make different mistakes. Men make mistakes by trying to be tough and overconfident and then end up walking straight into the attacker’s hands. Women, on the other hand, make mistakes by having no knowledge of what to do when an attacker confronts them, and hence, they make poor decisions. Below are six mistakes you should avoid when trying to defend yourself.

1. Keeping elbows away from the body

The elbows should not be away from the body when defending yourself using Jiu-jitsu technique of self-defense. When the elbows are close to your body, enables you to avoid imbalances, arm bars, mooring or something worse. Keeping the elbows close ensures there are no gaps.

2. Letting the perceived attacker get too close;

You should not respond to an attacker with an impartial or fearful reaction. Adopt an aggressive posture and do not let a perceived attacker get close. When you allow them to get close, you become vulnerable, and they can easily take control of your situation before you can defend yourself.

3. Looking at your collar

Never look at your collar when you are attacked with a choke. Instead, try to put your chin on your chest. If you look at your collar, you will end up turning to the direction of the choke, or making room for your attacker. Consider your opponent’s elbow, pull his shoulder and arm to relieve the pressure on your neck and rotate the hips to the right to escape.

4. Not being aware of your surroundings

Not being alert in areas such as parking garages, driveways, parking lots, driveways, stairwells. Criminals tend to attack victims in places where they can take them by surprise, and this makes the mentioned places perfect. It is not important to walk with confidence, but also walk with your head and eyes actively looking around to see if there is anyone following.

5. Waiting for the assailant to attack

Do not wait for the assailant to strike first before you make a move. Make a move first or you will be subdued.

6. Assuming a groin strike will send the assailant down

Most people think that just hitting the groin will send some groaning with pain, some attackers expect that and will be careful. To maximize the damage with the groin strike, here are four mistakes to avoid.

•  Kicking from a distance – do not kick from a distance, instead kick it close enough to be effective.

•  Striking the groin first – most guys expect that you might want to strike the groin first, and hence they will defend themselves and come after you. Start by striking anywhere else e.g. head, or neck so as to force the body backward. You will then have a cleaner shot to the groin.

Attacking straight on – if you strike straight on, you are likely to be head-butted and injured. The attacker’s spinal reflexes usually force their body to bend slightly with hands covering the groin for protection, which means you will hit the head if attack straight on.

No follow through strike – most criminals have taken quite a bit of contact and can withstand some pain. Attack hard enough to crash the groin when you get a clear shot.

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