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Problems with the purchase of a Canon Digital Rebel XTi

Do not. At least not until they finished reading. I know you have studied, it was the Canon Digital Rebel XTi, for weeks or even months before the date of arrival. And I'm sure you've read dozens of reviews, tips and five star ratings wonderful praised the Digital Rebel XTi. Many of them were honest, I'm sure. But it is important to examine the gaps and. In this way you can make an informed decision and be sure your getting the bestCamera for you.

First, lets look at your skill level just as a photographer. If the cameras on your point of view, the point of how many buyers Rebel XTi, all the cameras that you heard in the past were basic and shoot. You've probably never been with the exposure, ISO settings, or even a second thought, something like bursts, or f-stop confusion. While the XTi does not give the opportunity to continue to take pictures like that, it would be a mistake to do so. Photostaken with the XTi with the factory settings of cars are generally quite underexposed. No, what you expect from a $ 600 camera. The bottom line is, do not expect the Rebel will do for best picture, because it has a better camera. . . You need to go get your skills as a photographer, an upgrade to better pictures.

Take pictures in burst mode on your Rebel (or camera) is a way to cover the possibility, at least one good image. Professional Photographers do it all the time. Your will be a little 'limitation, when to do so with the rebels. It tends to be, after the capture of twenty freezes the image. When the flash is not in use, then this should be a problem. But if it is, the Rebel necessary to protect the flash. Not really getting past, it works this way by design.

Do not count on the LCD screen to record the images. It 'not an option with the Rebel XTi. You need the stickviewfinder. Is what the pros use, and the XTi comes from a long line of precedents, catering to that market. Expect that future changes in technology advances, and the manufacturers (Canon and others) to bow to consumer pressure.

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