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Romeo Is Bleeding (1993)

Romeo Is Bleeding (1993)

IMDB rating: 6.20

Plot: A corrupt New York police officer’s double life as a witness protection guard, and as a mafia informant, begins to catch up with him when he’s bribed to kill a deadly female Russian assassin in custody while keeping his lifestyle a secret from both his wife and teenage mistress.

Directors: Medak Peter

Actors: Oldman Gary,Wood Wallace,Proval David,Patton Will,Canfield Gene,Joshua Larry,Wincott Michael,Duff-Griffin William,Cromwell James,Butler Paul,Sirico Tony,Crime,Drama,Thriller,

What do you think of my poems? (:?
I just want a another point of view.
What do you think of my poems?
I know they aren’t all that good but hey, im only 14. Still heaps of things to learn.
I guess i wrote them when i was emotional. (x

the most perfect guy that I've ever seen,
better than any Romeo or Edward can be.
but things fell apart when she came along,
and in a flash all my hopes and dreams were gone.
but I've gotten over you, after i was driven insane,
and i realized that you were never worth, all that pain.

head over heals in love with someone who doesn't even care.
like i am the only one who thinks we have something to share.
together we would be invincible, but i know that will never be.
because somethings are just impossible, like an ending with you and me.

the red helium balloon flying high in the air.
floating higher and higher into a sky of despair.
the remorse that trails, the envy that follows.
the pain that is suffered, to intense to swallow.
but when it starts to rain; forcing the balloon lower to the ground.
it will get tangled on a tree branch; waiting to be found.

telling everyone lies, that everything is fine.
that you haven’t really broken, this heart of mine.
but really you have, and much, much more.
made me fall to my knees, on the cold hard floor.
you seem to ignore me, just act like I'm dead.
you filled me up with this impossible dread.
picked me up, then tossed me away, like a stone.
left me to fend for my self, left me all alone.
‘I love you’ those three words, that you said to her one day.
and in that awful moment, my bright and colorful world turned dull and grey.
and now, my life has no meaning. no other reason.
days just come and go, like weeks, months and seasons.

deep down you don't know anything about me,
no more, is anything at a tolerable degree.
you push me around, you don't think about what you say.
I want to, I have to. but I just cant walk away.
I know you are just another knife in this bleeding heart.
but there's something about you, that makes me never want to part.

The journey leads her to,
The green, the black, the blue.
The thud of impact; fist against cheek.
The drops of blood, red and sweet.
Cracked and white, drinks of the damned.
Steps not insured, clammy hands.

Heart-shaped bruise, on the left of her chest.
Emotion of pain, confidence messed.
A life full of violence, illegal pain relief.
Bringing to them death, bringing to them grief.
Day after day, and week after week.
Another life wasted, a life that’s gone bleak.

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